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FAQs & Terms


General Information

1. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, check or cash.

2. What are your hours of operation?

Our regular operating office hours are Monday-Friday 9 am to 5 pm EST. We do operate our services 7 days a week.

3. How do I inquire about your services?

In order to receive more information, to obtain a written quote or to schedule us for a service please Contact Us or Inquire Now.

Swimming Lessons

1. How many lessons does it take to learn to swim?

This is entirely dependent on the individual.   Children who have separation anxiety from their parents or those who have had a bad experience in the water will take longer to learn to swim then others.  Booking a minimum of 3 lessons to start is a good idea.  If you wish to continue to a package of 6 we will prorate the remaining classes.

2.  How often should I have a swimming lesson?

For beginning children and adults we recommend at least 2-3 lessons per week for the first couple weeks and then you can reduce the frequency after that.  For intermediate to advanced swimmers 1-12 lessons per week is adequate.

3.  At what age do you start teaching swimming lessons?

We start teaching swimming lessons to children 2 years old or older.

4.  What about when my child cries during a lesson?

As with most anything new, children will be afraid and cry.  It is completely normal for your child to cry during their swimming lesson (at least for the first couple) especially if the parents are not in the water during class.  Please be patient.  It is very important that we overcome your child’s fear of the water.

5.  Should I stay and watch or should I leave during my child’s swimming lesson?

It often times is helpful if parents and/or guardians remain out of the child’s sight during swimming lessons.  Watching from a distance often helps the child pay more attention to their instructor and will help them learn more rapidly.

6.  How far in advance should my child eat before their swimming lesson? 

We recommend that your child eat at least one hour prior to their lesson.

Cancellation Policies

1.  What do we do in the case of bad weather?

Here in Florida weather can change at any given moment.  If a lesson is cancelled or ends early due to inclement weather a new lesson or the remaining time will be made up at no additional cost.  Please call 561-886-7839 or 1-800-568-SWIM (7946) if there is any question that a class may be canceled due to inclement weather.

2.  What if I need to cancel my lesson, swim coaching session or Lifeguard rental?

Cancellations must be made by 5 pm the previous day.  If it is a real emergency situation the lesson can be rescheduled for a later date.  Please call 561-886-7839 or 1-800-568-SWIM (7946) if a lesson must be cancelled.

Pool Management
1. What sort of pool management services do you provide?

Train and Race, LLC is your everything aquatics company in Palm Beach County.  We are certified and trained to manage private and commercial swimming pools.  We are able to offer customized pool management plans based upon the individual customers needs.  Among the services we are able to provide are staff training and supervision, water quality control and pool chemistry, facility maintenance and cleaning services, and facility programming. For a facility assessment or to request a quote please Inquire Now or Contact Us.

If we missed any questions that you might have had or for more information on any of our services once again please Contact Us.  We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.